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6 signs your employee is unhappy with their job

No one is safe from having some bad days at the job, but there are signs that tell you when a bad week in the office will turn into a total burnout in the long run. Too many people feel that they are stuck in a toxic workplace, a problem that most bosses and employees should take more seriously. The World Health Organization reports that more than 300 million people around the globe suffer depression or anxieties directly related to their job. On many instances, the body knows before they do what is going on and send red flags that something is not right, and that possibly it’s time for a big job change.

Headaches are all they talk about

Their muscles tense up constantly, they can’t stop sighing to release some stress, they spend their day with an untamable fidgeting; these are signs that something is definitely not right with the wellbeing of the employee. When people view their workplace as a sort of warzone, the muscles will be constantly tense. Symptoms like chronic tension on the back and neck can be associated to headaches or even migraines caused by constant stress. Stress usually develops physiological symptoms that can affect your daily routine at the job, whether you want to or not. This is one of the first and most evident signals that the employee does not feel comfortable in their space.

A good night’s sleep is almost a luxury

Most of the time, the second symptom that you are going to hear about is sleepless nights. When people say they can’t sleep it’s because their brain is going on full speed or they can’t seem to relax during the night. They normally will wake up during the night probably thinking about the never-ending list of tasks they will have the next day. A few nights without sleep is not a big deal, but if it turns into a pattern, this could be a sign that the stress at work has turn toxic. Furthermore, during the day they could be experimenting constant fatigue. They feel overwhelmed because they work too much and they work too much because they feel overwhelmed.

Their mental health hits rock bottom

If you feel that your boss is always on everyone’s tail, mental health is normally the price to pay for this. Unfair treatment can lead to overwhelming stress in your life. When you treat people unfairly, you attack their dignity as a person, basically saying that they don’t deserve a specific treatment that the rest is obviously getting.

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There’s more sick days than healthy ones

Typically, the absence of a healthy, balanced diet or the time of the year can unleash a marathon of sicknesses. On the other hand, if they are constantly coughing over the office banter, consider how they feel in their workplace. Chronic stress can compromise your immunological system, making it harder when it’s time to fight.

They can’t even stand themselves

How you choose to invest your time shows a lot about what you care for. When you are constantly worried about pleasing your superiors, your relationships can get hurt. Many employees that have to jump hoops with work stress on top of their financial and family problems will probably lose interest to interact with other people. They will also start losing their patience on a faster pace than before.

Their stomach becomes their worst enemy

Many stomach related problems can be associated to stress, because it affects what the intestine digests and ultimately our overall mood. If the bathroom breaks outnumber the hours they are focused on their tasks, and they have never reported any stomach conditions, something might be wrong with their wellbeing.

What can you do to help?

Help them rethink their negative thoughts

One of the principles of cognitive behavior therapy is that the way one thinks can change the way one feels. Many times a job change is not a real or achievable option, but we can focus on the situation that we can control. Use these principles to help the employee truly reflect on how they are presenting at work, how they relate to the team, and what the rest of the team thinks about them.

Team building

There’s nothing better to solve a problem than the magic of communication. Team building is not only recreational activities, it’s also very useful as a development tool within an organization. Consider team building activities to improve communication within teams, foster teamwork skills to solve problems and create a more comfortable space for everyone.

Encourage everyone to take breaks

Even 10 minutes of rest can relax even the biggest hothead, seriously. After your body is on high alert to defend it from unreasonable demands or horrible bosses, everyone deserves a little free time. When we do not give our body the opportunity to relax and restart, it will begin to develop long-term damages.

As a last option, advise they should leave work

Long hours of work, lack of autonomy, uncertain outcomes and economic insecurity at work are factors that contribute to a stressful work environment that many times employees must and should leave behind, not just face them. There are times when it is necessary to solve the underlying problem, not to deal with the general symptoms.

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