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In Factorial we believe that any employee is more productive when feeling valued and motivated in her/his job. Our mission is to simplify human resources management in small and medium-sized enterprises, and we know that benefits (or flexible retribution) are not always easy to implement in a company. They require work, complex negotiations and time.

For this reason, we just launched “Benefits”, a new functionality to offer the best compensations easily for employees of a company.

What are the benefits

Benefits or flexible compensation allow employees of a company to receive part of their salary through products and services. Thus, some daily expenses such as public transportation, medical insurance, lunch or even gym fees are partially or totally covered thanks to the employee’s compensation. In most cases, this expenses are excluded from taxes, which means an increase of the salary for the employee.

By offering benefits, the company improves workers’ compensation and encourages productivity without increasing costs or increasing wages. A very simple action that improves the image of the employer and improves satisfaction rates of team.

Which benefits can I offer?

For example, you can offer a gym fee to your employees so they can access to thousands of gyms and activities near the office. Reduce stress, fight against absenteeism and reduce pressions of your team.
Up! Down! Up! Down!

G4L at Factorial

If you hire GymForLess at Factorial the company and employees will enjoy a very reduced price!

Discover how to optimize the compensation for your company’s employees by offering benefits. Register on and enjoy this and many other features!

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