How Much You Can Save with HR Onboarding Software

hr onboarding software

The benefits of an efficient onboarding process can be felt well beyond a new hire’s first weeks. During onboarding, businesses intake vital employee data and set expectations that directly influence the success new employees will have in the company. Studies show that while onboarding is key to improving retention, few employees are satisfied with the … Read more

Expense Management Solutions: Concur VS. Factorial

expense management solutions

How do you manage expense reports? If you are using file cabinets stuffed with paper receipts or disorganized dropbox folders, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. Technology can provide expense management solutions to make this dreary process a breeze. With expense management software, you can streamline expense claims, automate approvals, and keep files centralized. … Read more

Equip Your Team With the Best Software for HRIS

software for hris

What is Software for HRIS? HR processes are integral to your business’s success. Simple but mighty tasks, such as getting employees paid on time, tracking hours and shifts, and sourcing new talent, keep things moving. Software for HRIS, Human Resource Information System, can help your team hit the ground running every time. There are different … Read more

Manual vs. Automated: Time off Requests Forms (Which is better?)

time off requests forms

All successful businesses must have a workflow in place for requesting, approving, and tracking time off. Tracking time off isn’t just important for payroll. Employers must maintain a balanced schedule and make sure they are in compliance with government regulations. That’s why it is important that managers use time off requests forms that contain all … Read more

Simplify Your Employee Expense Management

expense management

Managers have a lot on their minds, so when important yet tedious tasks like expense management can be automated, they take note. Are you still managing employee expenses in excel? In a ledger? By chiseling figures into stones? These antiquated systems are holding you back. Inefficient expense management negatively impacts productivity, not to mention employee … Read more