How Much You Can Save with HR Onboarding Software

hr onboarding software

The benefits of an efficient onboarding process can be felt well beyond a new hire’s first weeks. During onboarding, businesses intake vital employee data and set expectations that directly influence the success new employees will have in the company. Studies show that while onboarding is key to improving retention, few employees are satisfied with the … Read more

Crafting an Employee Handbook: Tips, Advice and Best Practices

employee handbook

An employee handbook is an important document for any company. It informs employees of the policies, procedures, and expectations that guide their behavior in the workplace. It also provides important information about the company and its vision, mission and goals. Creating an employee handbook pdf that employees actually want to read can be complicated. It’s … Read more

What HR Managers Don’t Know About Laying off Employees

laying off employees

Laying off employees is never an easy process. Now, the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus outbreak has left many companies with no recourse. Cuts and furloughs have been pouring in from every sector and industry. Nearly 10 million Americans applied for unemployment in March. This number is expected to continue to rise as the … Read more

9 Onboarding Best Practices that Go the Extra Mile

onboarding best practices

Onboarding is one of the most important HR functions, second only to the recruitment process. Companies that pour their energy (and budget) into recruitment but skimp on onboarding will find they quickly lose the talent they have worked so hard to procure. Meanwhile, companies with best onboarding practices improve new hire retention by 82% and … Read more