The Truth About Paid Sick Leave Law in the USA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

paid sick leave law

Paid sick leave law is relatively new; San Francisco was the first city to implement such a policy in 2007. Since then, however, more and more cities and states have adopted their own paid sick leave laws. While employers are sometimes against these policies at first, most have found that robust paid sick leave policies … Read more

Manual vs. Automated: Time off Requests Forms (Which is better?)

time off requests forms

All successful businesses must have a workflow in place for requesting, approving, and tracking time off. Tracking time off isn’t just important for payroll. Employers must maintain a balanced schedule and make sure they are in compliance with government regulations. That’s why it is important that managers use time off requests forms that contain all … Read more

‌Managing PTO Requests: Exempt vs Non-exempt Employees

pto requests

Employees may need to use paid time off (PTO) for any number of reasons: sick time, personal days, vacation. While fielding PTO requests is no one’s favorite activity, efficient PTO management will boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Managers need to consider how to process time off requests from both non-exempt and exempt employees. While non-exempt … Read more

Human Resources Employer Guide to Tracking Employee Absences

tracking employee absences

Tracking employee absences in the workplace can be challenging at times. Of course, taking time off is sometimes unavoidable. Employees may take absences for sick leave, bereavement, child care or sometimes they just need a well-deserved rest and vacation. Today we’re going to look at how you can keep track of these employee absences.  What … Read more