New Hire Training: An Interview with Jasmine Bailey of Belk

jasminte bailey belk interview

This week, in our series of HR expert interviews, I had the pleasure of connecting with Jasmine Bailey, a Human Resources Associate for Belk, a retail department store based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Belk’s warm and welcoming Southern-style stretches across 16 Southern states. The portfolio company of the private equity firm Sycamore Partners, based … Read more

How Talent 300 Inc. is Adapting to Coronavirus HR Challenges

evan interview

This week, in our series of interviews with HR Managers and industry experts, we interviewed Evan Antipas, the Co-founder and Director of Talent Acquisition at Talent 300 Inc., a talent acquisition and talent management strategic firm located in Montreal, Canada. With a strong focus on medical, pharmaceutical, and technology positions, Talent 300 Inc. collaborates with … Read more

How Āticco Manages Employees in 6 Locations

manage employees

Irene Vinyals describes Āticco as an innovative ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs.  Within the building, they don’t only share working spaces, but also ideas and inspiration to help them grow both professional and personal projects. Above all, the way they manage employees in the workplace has been key to their success. “What we want is … Read more

Factorial has been selected for attending to The Next Web Conference

We are really happy to announce that Factorial has been selected to represent Catalan startups ecosystem on The Next Web Conference in 2018 together with another 9 catalan startups, that are shaping the future of entrepreneurship. Since our beginning Factorial wanted to help SMEs and HR professionals by creating efficient and affordable tools for every … Read more