The Future of Leadership Development – Interview with Marcela Niemeyer

the future of leadership development

In a time of immense transformation, it’s essential to lead efficiently, positively and strategically. The future of leadership development depends on the development of vital competencies, which must be explored and invested in by managers. In this interview, Factorial spoke with Marcela Niemeyer, an experienced Human Resources executive, experienced in leadership development, and who has … Read more

HR Recruitment: An Interview With Ralph Chapman- Founder of HR Search Pros Inc

HR Recruitment

This week, in our series of HR expert interviews, I had the pleasure of talking with HR expert Ralph Chapman. Ralph is an HR recruitment expert and founder of HR Search Pros Inc, an HR specific search firm based in Texas, which also operates internationally. HR Search Pros Inc specializes in HR recruitment by providing … Read more

How Factorial Helps CoverWallet Optimize their HR Tasks

coverwallet optimize hr tasks

Most trading operations have become digital. SMEs often choose online platforms to help facilitate many business operations, from payments to human resources, taxes and accounting. We spoke with CoverWallet to discuss their services which focus on improving business insurance processes for SMEs. Find out how Factorial helped optimize HR tasks at CoverWallet. Introducing CoverWallet CoverWallet … Read more

How Crisalix Manage Vacations & Absences [The Simple Tool They Use]

crisalix manage vacations

Patricia Castro is the HR manager of Crisalix, a solution she describes as one that shows patients what they would look like if they made the decision to have a cosmetic surgery operation. We had the pleasure of speaking with them to find out how they manage their employees’ holidays without complications. History: The Beginnings … Read more

How Séntisis Manages Two Human Resources Departments

manage human resources

Estefanía Meima describes Séntisis as a Spanish language semantic analysis technology company. They have two tools; one for social media monitoring and one for automatic survey analysis. Estefanía, the Director of Human Resources at Séntisis, explains their company’s aim. Séntisis strives to help large companies know what users say about their brand, competition or in … Read more

Improve Productivity – How Fever Transformed Their Human Resources

improve productivity fever

Fever has been dedicated for seven years to the promotion, sales and production of leisure experiences and events; they are the leading company in the digitization of the so-called “experience economy”. They help more than 40 million people each month find the best local leisure experiences in their cities and help organizers and promoters create … Read more