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Factorial Docs – The best document manager

Document management in companies is not always easy. Managing the visibility of each document, securely store the most important information of the company and unify in a single platform contracts, agreements, company policies, payroll… is complex.

Many companies rely on document management software to carry out all these tasks but most of the time it ends up being an expensive solution and not very efficient. Many of the document managers that exist in the market are only useful to store documents and do not end up being integrated into the company. The simple fact of accessing a different platform to the one you use for managing time off requests or communicate with employees makes the document management software stay in the background.

In order for the document manager to be really useful in your company, it must meet some basic requirements:

  • It must be synchronized with your time off management software to store employee’s absences, sick leaves and other documents relative to the absences generated in the company
  • You must ensure that the payslips are visible only to the employee to whom they belong.
  • You must have a private area for each employee in which to store contracts, withdrawals, payrolls and ID documents.
  • It must be available from any device without downloading additional software and must be compatible with any type of file.
  • It should serve as an internal tool to share documents and internal announcements with the entire company.
  • Must meet the security standards and the privacy law.

The most intelligent document manager:

In Factorial we work hard to simplify the day to day work of your human resources department so you can offer better service to your employees. After talking to dozens of companies that already use Factorial and understand what their needs are, we have created an intelligent document manager that helps you save time.

With the document manager of Factorial you can store all the documentation of your company and employees in a 100% secure platform. With access 24 hours a day, from any device and without installing anything. Just login to Factorial and it’s done.

A folder for each employee in which to store all their personal information. This way you avoid mistakes and make sure that only this employee will see its personal documents. In addition, when the employee attaches a sick leave document, we will automatically upload it to their personal folder.

Assign, send and store payslips for each employee. The document manager of Factorial is able to read a single document with all the payslips of the company and split it by employees. This way, Factorial will recognize the employee’s data and assign the payslip to the correct employee automatically. You can review the entire process and click send when you have verified that everything is correct. The payroll manager will send a notification to the employee so that they can check the new payslip and keep it in the employee’s personal folder, within their payroll section.

Internal documents visible or invisible. The best way to share documents with your employees. Upload any type of file and choose whether it will be public for all employees or private for only admins. You can modify the visibility as many times as you want. Simply drag the document and make it visible or private.

Start using the our intelligent document manager and save 5 to 6 hours of management per week.

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