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How to encourage family and work conciliation in your company

Little by little, employees and employers are giving work-life balance the importance it has. Already in 2018 and with new generations of workers like millennials, small and medium companies need to change the way they think about work and commitment, for this family and work conciliation is key.

To keep thinking  employees have to give up  their personal life for their work is to live in the past. More and more young people, the work force of the future, is important to notice,  prefer a well balanced work-family life than give everything they have for their job.

Tips to improve life and family conciliation  for your employees

A small or medium company has many difficulties when competing for talent and new hires against a big corporation. Salaries tend to be lower and work conditions can be far from the ones an international company can offer. But there are easy ways to improve those conditions without extra cost for the company:

  • Flexible working hours and even work from home (or away from the office) are the biggest step to improve the work-family balance of your employees.
    In lots of companies one can adapt their working schedule to their personal needs. Strict timetables are a thing from the past, aren’t productive and are responsible for a lot of your employee’s stress and frustration.
  • Social Benefits and custom compensation
    As we’ve said before, social benefits and flexible retribution plans are one of the best ways to improve your staff’s salary with no cost for the company.
    • Benefits like the kindergarten cheque are especially useful if there are employees with babies in your company.
    • And of course there is also health insurance. Most absences from work are health related. Offering a health insurance to your employees gives them access to the best medical professionals and opinions without cost for the company. Their visiting hours are more extensive and with shorter waiting lists so thanks to the above mentioned flexible working hours your employees can balance their job and health responsibilities and get better faster, without it affecting their productivity and motivation.

If you want to know what else you can do to improve your employees salaries and motivation without cost for your company check our article about emotional salary.

And don’t forget, with Factorial your employees can ask for time off and notify any sick leaves in just a few clicks, the same ones you need to accept them!

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