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How Séntisis Manages Two Human Resources Departments

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Estefanía Meima describes Séntisis as a Spanish language semantic analysis technology company. They have two tools; one for social media monitoring and one for automatic survey analysis. Estefanía, the Director of Human Resources at Séntisis, explains their company’s aim. Séntisis strives to help large companies know what users say about their brand, competition or in general, social media and other digital sources automatically and in real-time. Doing all this while they run their company and manage human resources within the organization isn’t always easy, but with the right tools, they make it happen.


Séntisis began 8 years ago, while Jorge Peñalva, one of the founding partners, was studying a Computer Science master’s degree in Chicago. It was there he created his final master’s work. This work would later materialize into Séntisis, the company that is known today.

First, the Social Media monitoring tool was born and has continued to evolve; two years ago, they launched the survey analysis part.

The Challenge to Manage Human Resources

The biggest challenge to manage human resources that Estefanía and her HR department faced was the division of Séntisis into two companies.

“A year and a half ago was born; I take care of the Human Resources of both companies, so both at the administrative level and when addressing the new needs without neglecting the day-to-day needs of the department, management became an important challenge”

Solution – Managing Human Resources Globally Thanks to Digital Solutions

In Séntisis they soon found a solution that adapted to their needs: Factorial HR, the software with which the difficulties of this challenge could be overcome. Factorial helps companies of all sized in managing human resources globally.

“A friend told me she was using Factorial and she was very happy, so she recommended the platform to me and I decided to try it”

Estefanía assures us that to this day, having this tool and being able to have two accounts, one for each company, is essential to be able to lead the Human Resources of both.

“Thanks to Factorial it was all much simpler because it makes the administrative part very agile. I think it’s critical to be more efficient and to have a great organization”

Their Experience Implementing Factorial

Séntisis has been working with Factorial almost since its inception more than three years ago. From the Human Resources department, they began testing the tool, including employee data. When they wanted to incorporate the various services available at the time, they discovered that it was very simple to have all the information already stored in one place.

“It gave me very good vibes for both the platform and the Factorial team, so I made up my mind. I’ve loved seeing the evolution of the software since it started, which has changed a lot”

What they like most about Factorial HR

The perfect software for the director of The Human Resources department of Séntisis has to be simple and visually appealing. Luckily, those are two of the main qualities that are present in Factorial’s platform.

“After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time managing information and processes through the software, so the important thing is that it’s simple and intuitive, don’t ask for two hundred steps to trigger something simple”

As for the assistance offered by Factorial, Estefanía assures that it is always fast and efficient.  Also, any incidents are always resolved in a timely manner.


The Human Resources department of Séntisis now saves a lot of time on administrative tasks. As a result, they can spend all those hours they don’t waste managing “the paperwork” on dealing with more strategic issues.

“And in the end, it not only helps the HR department, but all the teams; to organize better, to manage your holidays more easily, to have all the documents at hand, etc.”

Estefanía also believes that having this type of tool gives a more professional image of the department and the company.

“Another thing that is very useful to me, is the feature relating to the onboarding of new employees; having an organization chart with the whole team, so that they can understand the structure of the company well is vital”

Many thanks to Estefanía Meima and Séntisis for sharing their experience with us on how they manage human resources within their organization.

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Written by Marina Camacho

Translated by Tanya Lesiuk







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