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Will robots replace the HR department? We know the answer

With the rise of the internet, personal assistants and robots it’s becoming easier to delegate to technical aspects of our day to day life. At work, progress also happens at the speed of light. In recent months we have heard of the first autonomous cars, shippings that arrive in hours thanks to drones or even hotels in which are run by robot dinosaurs.

If you work in the human resources sector, you stay calm, the chances of being replaced by a robot are really low. The data taken from says that there’s a 0’55% chance that a robot will end up doing your job as an HR Manager.


In fact, the role of a human resources manager is one of the less likely to be replaced by machines compared to other jobs such as taxi driver (89% probability) or shop assistants (92%). If you are specialized in training and developing people or at psychology applied to human resources you are also lucky, you have more chances to finish candy crush than being replace by a robot.


If you offer benefits or flexible compensation at your company, you may want to know that there is a software that will help you automate this entire process. Much of the work done by human resources managers is based on paperwork and activities that add little value to the employee. Thanks to benefits management software, this heavy work can be done thanks to the technology, without the need to manually review all this documentation. For your peace of mind, you can’t be replaced by software. Just as you have worked with other management tools (word, excel, PowerPoint …), this software will be your main tool now. Thanks to the time you save by using human resources software, you can invest more time with the employees.


Another task that can be done more efficiently using an HR software is sending payrolls to employees. The traditional way involves a huge effort for the human resources department. It’s really time-consuming. This task is usually done monthly on specific dates so the human resources department tends to collapse these days doing something that technology can solve in seconds and with a negligible margin of error.

If we understand the workday of the HR person as a scarce and limited resource, what’s the point to lose each month an average of 4 days preparing, checking and sending payrolls?

Most of the companies that use Factorial already delegated to the software their payroll. This way, the manager simply uploads the pdf file that includes all employee payrolls and the system automatically splits the pdf into the different payrolls and assigns them to the correct employee. Making use of the technology, the human resources staff should only check that everything is correct and click send so that each employee receives his payroll.

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