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Medical, home or life insurance are the most valued benefits for employees. They contribute to the well-being of the worker and his loved ones and complement the remuneration that the company offers. This benefit has an interesting tax saving for employee and company.

Gym and Wellness

Sport is basic for a good functioning of body and mind. Exercising weekly reduces stress, improves the working environment and drastically reduces work-related casualties. Promoting healthy lifestyles in the company is the next step to take care of the human team.

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training employees smes


Investing in training for employees is synonymous of productivity. Did you know that all companies have back part of their contributions to social security to invest in training? That way makes possible to offer language courses, marketing, social networks or any other subject to the employees without costs for the company.

Few companies know that variable compensation allows them to increase the purchasing power of their employees without having an extra cost in the company. It is also the best way to boost productivity and absenteeism. The employees pay products or services with their salary such as medical insurance, restaurant tickets, or transportation ...

These expenses are exempt from taxes, so the employee pays less tax and his salary increases. In this way, employees cover daily expenses or access to higher quality services and increase the amount of money they receive at the end of the month without any cost to the company.


Meal Voucher

Diets are one of the most common expenses for employees. Offering restaurant tickets the employee has part of his salary in the form of a check with the pay in dining rooms and restaurants near his job. This benefit also provides an interesting tax saving for the employee.

School Voucher

Para empleados con hijos el ticket guardería es el beneficio más valorado. Los cheques guardería aumentan el poder adquisitivo del trabajador y ayudan a conciliar la vida laboral con la familiar. Mejora tu imagen como empresa empleadora ofreciendo este beneficio a los empleados de tu empresa.

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Transit voucher

Commuting to the office is one of the most important expenses for the employee. Providing transportation tickets helps the employee to take on travel costs with interesting tax advantages that allow you to save money each month.

Pension plans

Protect the future of your employees by offering pension plans. Pension plans represent significant tax savings for companies and employees and improve long-term employee compensation. It is part of the future of employees offering this benefit.

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Optimize the employee’s salary

With Flexible compensation ("Salary in Kind") it is possible to offer to the employee a part of their salary through products or services. Thanks to flexible compensation the employee receives the same money at the end of the month but pays much less tax. The law allows you to receive up to 30% of an employee's salary through benefits.

By offering flexible employee compensation plans, the company can:

  • Increase the employee's net salary without a cost to the company. If the employee salary stays the same but deducts less taxes from his payslip, he ends up charging more money at the end of the month.
  • Assist the employee with regular expenses such as health insurance, gym, transportation, daycare ...
  • Offer more attractive and competitive compensation plans to attract and retain talent.

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