Factorial features

Stop using spreadsheets for everything. Factorial comes with all the functionality you and your employees need.

Time Off manager

We simplify the management of holidays, absences and sick leaves in your company. Just accept or reject time off requests from the employees via Factorial. We will do everything else; notifying the employee and update the company's time off calendar.

Time Tracking and Signing

Why stick to paper-based time tracking or signing? Our feature helps your business take the big leap to the cloud. Online time and attendance management is the future. No need to manually calculate anything. Give your employees the freedom to work, while still monitoring their progress.

Benefits for employees

Offer the best benefits for employees, improve the salary of workers or implement flexible compensation plans in your company easily and without costs. Factorial will propose you the best benefits depending on the size of your company and without having to invest even a cent.

Organizational chart generator

When using Factorial we will generate automatically an updated organizational chart for your company. You don't need to use templates or design. We will collect your team data an display an accurate org chart for your company. Easy and reliable.

Advanced reports for human resources

Get reports for absenteeism, salaries, turnover rate on your company, and much more in just one click. Factorial will automatically generate all these reports and graphs so you can have reliable data on what is happening in your company.

Fixed, variable and flexible compensation

Monitor employee’s compensation and offer tailored compensation plans to each employee. Reduce employee’s turnover by analyzing their evolution within the company.

Employee Portal

Connect with your employees through the employee portal of Factorial. The employees will have access to their personal account to request holidays, notify a sick leave, check their latest payroll and much more. You decide which information you want to display.

Document Manager

Store all the documentation of your company and employees in a 100% safe platform. All the documentation will be available in the cloud 24 hours a day. Attach the documents that correspond to each employee, without errors. With the document manager you will not send a file to the wrong employee by mistake.

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