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147c Letter

Explaining a 147c 

What is a 147c letter exactly? It’s simply a confirmation letter issued by the Inland Revenue Service (IRS). As a taxpayer, you need to know your Employee Identification Number (EIN). The 147c letter confirms this is a unique number. Your EIN is required on all tax forms and related correspondence with the IRS. If you no longer have your EIN information, a 147c is the letter you need.

Procedure for Requesting A 147c

All it takes to get a 147c letter is a simple telephone call to the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line at 1-800-829-4933. The lines are open Monday through Friday, 7 am till 7 pm local time. If you happen to be in Alaska or Hawaii, it will be Pacific time. You will be asked several security questions, and then you will be sent the 147c. 

It is advised to request a 147c before November if you want to be able to use the information on a W2 in January the following year. The IRS has never been accused of rushing things!

Other Options than a 147c

If you need to know an EIN, also known as a Federal Employee Number (FEIN), and you don’t want a lengthy wait on hold for a 147c, then there are other ways to find out what it is.

  • Banks and loan companies you have used in the past should have a copy.
  • County or State licensing agencies you have applied to.
  • Previous tax returns