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CP 575 Letter

Starting and running a business can be challenging, especially in the paperwork department. Organizations require dozens of government-issued documents to run legally and smoothly. One of such certificates is the CP 575 Letter. 

The subsequent sections reveal everything you need to know about this documentation. 

What's a CP 575 Letter? 

A CP 575 Letter is a document confirming a company's unique Employer Identification Number (EIN). The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues this documentation to New businesses. 

Components of a CP 575 Letter

A CP 575 Letter contains the following information. 

  • Company's name 
  • Company's address 
  • EIN
  • Required tax forms 

What's an EIN? 

The EIN in a CP 575 Letter helps the IRS identify a specific business for tax purposes. It's a nine-digit number and is unique to one particular organization. 

Using an EIN 

Organizations require an EIN to open a business account, apply for credit, file taxes, and payroll processing. Often, companies only need to give their EIN to perform these actions. 

The CP 575 Letter is essential for businesses to validate that this number was officially issued to their company. 

Getting a CP 575 Letter

You can get a CP 575 Letter online or by mail. Here's how to go about it. 


You can request an EIN on the IRS website. Online requests are programmed to be one-time sessions. So, you'll need to have the following information available. 

  • Business name and address 
  • Company's structure type 
  • Primary business activity 
  • Reasons for requesting EIN 

After completing this interview, the system verifies the information. After which, the CP 575 Letter is available for download to your device. 


New businesses have to request an EIN using the IRS Form SS-4. Upon approval, they'll receive their CP 575 Letter via mail to the stipulated address. The duration from acceptance to arrival is between four to six weeks. 

CP 575 Letter vs Letter 147C 

It's easy to mix up the CP 575 Letter and the Letter 147C. Both documents verify that your EIN officially belongs to your company. The difference between these letters is that the latter serves as a replacement should you misplace your CP 575 Letter.