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Keep up to date with Slack’s integration

Connect Factorial with Slack and receive daily notifications about everything that’s happening in your company. Time-off, company events, upcoming holidays, new hires, and much more!

Receive a daily summary of what's happening in your company.
Clock in/out directly from Slack to track your daily working hours.
factorial slack integration

Greenhouse and Workable - Made for candidates & employees

Connect Factorial with your favorite recruiting tools and automate the hiring process within your company.

Import new hires’ data in their employee profile of Factorial.
Centralize all your employees’ data in one place.
greenhouse workable integration

Google Calendar: an all in one Calendar

Connect Factorial with Google Calendar and sync all your calendars in one place to organize yourself better.

Track employee leaves and holidays.
Don’t miss a new employee’s first day at your company.
Add your company holidays automatically to your calendar.
Is there a new event for your company? Don’t forget about it!
factorial google calendar integration

Offering more tools at your fingertips with Zapier

Connect Factorial with Zapier and integrate yourself with your favorite Apps: Gmail, Outlook, Google Contacts, and a lot more that are about to come.

Hundreds of available tools in one place.
Create integrations that are easy to build and customize.
Create custom email sequences mail flows for you and your employees. 
Connect Factorial with Recruitee and Breezy HR to automate your recruiting process.
zapier integration

Need more? Build your custom integrations with Factorial’s API

If the integrations we have talked about before don't solve your problem, use our public API to create custom integrations.

All the documentation you need to do whatever you want.
Easily manage your employees to create seamless integrations. 

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