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individual pension plans

Individual pension plans

Individual pension plans are part of the flexible compensation plans that employees can deduct from their payroll. If any employee wants to contract an individual pension plan you can find the best deal through Factorial. Retain talent and enhance your employer branding by offering this benefit.

Employment welfare scheme

Employment welfare plans are long-term savings programs promoted by the company itself. They are used to supplement the employee's public pensions and reduce staff turnover rates within the company. By having this benefit the employee will be less likely to change companies.

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Tax savings for the company

For your company, offering pension plans is an efficient way to retain talent and improve the conditions of an employee without increasing their salary or incurring extra costs. In addition, as in other types of flexible pay, both company and employee can obtain interesting tax savings. These contributions made by the company are considered a tax deductible expense.

Tax benefits for the employee

Employees also get tax breaks. When this amount is received as in kind retribution , the total salary is fiscally lowered and deductions are also applied. The result is that the employee pays less tax for receiving the same amount of money on a monthly basis.

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