Download the Template to Manage Holidays and Absences

Are you looking for a method to manage your employees' absences and vacations? Do you need to know which days your team will be off?

We have created a downloadable (and FREE) Excel template so you can request absences and vacations for your entire team. It's ready to print!

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Get your Excel template to manage the absences of your employees and count the days they are on vacations or medical leaves. It is completely customizable and adaptable to your company.

This resource is free!

Do you want an improved version of this Excel template?

Factorial's software allows you to automate and digitize the Absences and Holiday Management of your company. This means:

  • To have the mandatory holidays already imported.
  • Being able to create and apply different vacation policies.
  • Letting employees request their own absences.
  • Approve or reject absences with one click.
  • Know which worker is absent at all times.
  • Post absences immediately.
  • And much more!

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