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Subsidized trainings and courses for employees

Subsidized courses for employees - Factorial

As a company you can offer subsidized classes for workers. Subsidized courses and trainings will help the employees to recycle and improve their skills. A trained employee is synonymous of productivity and efficiency.

Language classes for employees

One of the main challenges a worker faces is to improve their language skills. It takes time and money. Your company needs trained personnel and nothing better than training an employee who is already inside the team and knows the business. Offers classes in English, German, French or any other language starting from €0 for your company and employees.
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cursos tematicas pymes

Courses by subject

Thematic classes are the most requested by SMEs. Management courses, marketing or social networks trainings for employees are really useful to improve the skills of an employee or department and learn the latest trends on the sector. Take advantage and invest in employee training.

Office technology classes for companies

Some employees require training to get the most out of excel, word, powerpoint ... Knowing the programs they use daily allows them to save time and improve their productivity. With the subsidized training it is possible to have a teacher in the office who guides them while using any office-based tools.
Word and Excel classes for employees

Factorial manages everything for you

If you want to know about the subsidized training or any of these courses you can contact us and we will design a customized plan for your company.