Attendance Tracking Software

Employee management at your fingertips! Track employee hours, attendance, annual leave, and more.

Empower Your Employees to Manage Their Own Time.

Get a big-picture view of how your employees spend their time, allowing you to analyze your per-project labour cost.

Online Time Tracking

Capture employee and task times using online application that can be accessed and synced through a browser, mobile app, or desktop application.

Automatic Time capture

Record in- and out-times for employees and calculate number of hours worked.

Sick Leave Tracking

Allow employees to submit sick leave requests, which are forwarded to managers for approval.

Leave Tracking

Provide an employee portal to record paid holidays and time-off requests, which are forwarded to managers for approval.

Our Solutions

Spend less time doing administrative HR tasks and focus on what matters, your team!

Performance Evaluations

Create employee performance reviews to gain insight into your workforce, support employee development, and make more informed decisions.

Time off and Absence Management

Manage your employees’ time-off. No more paperwork and spreadsheets, let your workers manage their own holidays and absences.

Talent Acquisition

Centralise your employee Expenses. Receive automatic notifications of uploaded expenses and quickly approve or deny them. 

Employee Time Tracking

Track your employees’ working hours, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism.

Document Management With Digital Signature

Easily and securely manage employer and employee documents.

And Much More!

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Factorial is highly automated, easily adaptive, and fast. It allows you to have a great overview of each one of your employees.
David Mojonero HR & Finance Manager
Factorial helped us digitalize our HR processes to be more transparent with our employees.
Alberto De Prado Chief People Officer
Factorial is the only HR Software that adapts to all our needs.
Antonia Friedel Top Corporate Care
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Our Solutions

Don't waste time with tedious HR administrative tasks. Dedicate yourself to what really matters.

Employee time tracking

Track employees hours and improve productivity

Time off and absence management

Easily process employee time-off requests

Performance evaluations

Gain insight into employee performance in order to chart a path for the future

Document management with digital signature

Centralize all employee documents

Attract talent

Find and recruit talented employees for your business

And more!

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