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Save time and money by automating your HR processes: PTO, Time off, Document manager, HR Reports, Recruitment, Performance, Payroll, Expenses & more!

Time management

Manage employee time effortlessly. Do less, save more.

Switch from Excel to Factorial for smooth and flexible planning.



No more missed time off request forms or emails. Managing employee paid time off requests with our software is a breeze.

PTO software
Time tracking

Time tracking

Understand your team’s performance. Make informed business decisions and boost employee productivity.

How to track time
Shift management

Shift management

Employee scheduling made easy. Keep shifts covered without the hassle (or the spreadsheets).

Learn about shift management software

Talent management that empowers your teams

The best tools to lead your team to success with top talent.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Personalize and automate every onboarding process in a fast and simple way so that their experience is unforgettable.

Improve employee onboarding
Recruitment & Career Page

Recruitment & Career Page

Improve the recruiting process and build a career page that attracts more candidates.

Hire the perfect candidate
Performance Management

Performance Management

Create employee performance reviews to gather insights, support employee development, and make better decisions.

Better manage employee performance

Manage documents and employee records easily and securely

Say goodbye to paperwork - digitize and automate documents.

Documents and e-signature

Documents and e-signature

Manage agreements, sick leave, payroll and much more in the most secure, fast and compliant way.

How to manage documents
Reports and analytics

Reports and analytics

Track your employees' development to make better decisions. Help them grow and grow with them.

Create reports & track analytics


Save time, money and headaches so you can focus your resources on growing your business.

Manage Expenses

Speed up your payroll processes and minimize payroll errors

Organize, review and automate payroll data and documents, eliminate paperwork and complex Excel spreadsheets.

Centralize your payroll documents.
No need for manual approval processes. Automate your tasks for efficiency.
Improve collaboration and communication between teams.
Easily sync your payroll services with our integrations or build your own with Factorial API.

We need to be able to change our processes quickly to keep up with new opportunities. I found in Factorial the flexibility to manage employee particularities by creating custom fields and HR reports in a fast and easy way

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Empower your team and make better decisions

We make things easier for you so that you can achieve everything you set out to do.

Create your custom solution
Tools for your HR, finance, and people needs, designed to seamlessly integrate with your unique business operations.
Save time, money and worries
Empower your team with more time to grow the business and developing people.
Effortless and intuitive
An easy to use app that keeps everyone engaged and up-to-date.
Seamless integration with your software
Save time by connecting all your favorite applications to Factorial with just a few clicks.

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Discover a comprehensive suite of AI-enhanced HR tools designed to speed up your workplace and empower your team.

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