Human Resources Webinars

All of the HR webinars to download

Webinar: Supporting Others to Succeed

In this webinar, Executive Director of Global Human Resources Marcela Niemeyer shares with us her tips on supporting others to succeed. This is a vital skill to have in the world of HR, as no business can succeed without HR leaders and managers unsolicited support for their employees.

Webinar: Engaging Employees During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live and work. With the majority of employees working remotely businesses are struggling to cutivate employee engagement across screens. In this webinar, Ana Espósito will outline the challenges companies face in inspiring a remote workforce and offer employee engagement strategies HR leaders can use to support their workers. Ana is a Culture and Communication Specialist with a lot of experience working on employee engagemnt and motivation strategies within the workplace.

Webinar: How to be a Culturally Competent HR Leader

In this webinar, expert human resource professional and recruitment consultant Adam Rosenfield revealed how to become a culturally competent HR leader and the importance of this for the development of all businesses! Register to download the webinar video and watch for free.

[Webinar 🎧] How To Practice Emotional Intelligence in HR!

In this webinar, HR expert Laura Mazzullo discusses the importance of emotional intelligence within the workplace and offers tips on ways managers can cultivate empathy and compassion. Register to download and rewatch the webinar video for free.