Workplace Equity: Tools & Data to Enhance the Employee Experience

Curious on how your company can foster a more inclusive workplace?

Watch our webinar where DEI & HR Sr. Consultant, Ama Hooks, will guide you through essential steps to fostering workplace equity. Explore the transformative potential of innovative tools and data-driven insights in boosting employee satisfaction and overall success. Get ready to apply practical strategies that will help you cultivate a more equitable workplace culture! Here's what we cover 🚀

Unveiling workplace equity
Powerful tools for equity
Practical equitable strategies based on data insights
Sustaining an equitable company culture
United States
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Ama Hooks, DEI & HR Sr. Consultant | HR Knowledge Source

Ama Agyapong-Hooks is a talented senior-level consultant with over 10 years of progressive leadership experience in strategic planning, employee engagement, and culture change management experience. She serves as Senior Consultant and Practice Leader for HR Knowledge Source’s DICE™ (Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity) Center of Excellence. In her role, Ama works with Global & Domestic Fortune 500, mid-size companies, non-profits, and universities.

Ama is a DEI subject matter expert and is passionate about topics related to cross-cultural & cross-generational communication to engage diverse populations to improve workplace culture, policies, and processes, with the ability to consistently meet business objectives and resolve business challenges through nurtured business relationships, data and analytics, and reliable project management.

She is a Speaker & Master Facilitator with expertise in teaching and promoting accountability and awareness around diversity, equity, and inclusion, thus boosting the bottom line, ensuing transformational change, and adding organizational value.