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Factorial Expenses: Save time, money, and headaches with Factorial's expense management software.

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Approve and submit without having to think about it

Every time one of your employees generates an out-of-pocket expense, it implies a separate bank transfer to reimburse them. But what if it is more than one? How many bank transfers do you have to do each month?

 With this sync, expenses will automatically be reflected as an additional supplement in Payroll, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Factorial card: Expense management just got easier.

Learn more about Factorial Cards

Coming soon: With the Factorial card, employees can manage their own expenses.

Every time they have an expense, they can pay for it with their card. From there, the expense will be automatically recorded in the app and a message will be sent to the administrator, who can approve or reject it at a glance. Sound good? Well, this video will tell you even more.


What is an expense management software for?

With our expense management software you may not be able to do everything, but our software can do enough.

Say goodbye to paper and to the chaos of revising ticket by ticket. Centralize your expenses into one single software.
Add comments to expense reports or ask for additional information if you need it.
Improve your company's profitability by understanding which areas generate more profit and in which ones you need to invest more.
Get key information to make better decisions, focus on earning more and, above all, spend less.

Factorial Expenses, in numbers:

What will you gain from expense management besides security, peace of mind, and time?

10 mins

10 minutes less per ticket, is 10 minutes more for you.

27 hours

On average, our expense management software saves you 27 h/month.


More than 500 companies use our expense control software.

Benefits for the admins

Manage, review and approve or reject expenses in seconds.

Say goodbye to searching for receipts or having millions of emails thanks to the unification of expenses in one place.
Get notified on the app or by email every time an employee has an expense and approve or reject it in one click.
Add comments on expenses or request more information if needed.
See what you are spending in real time and analyze where you are investing the most.

Benefits for the employees

As an employee, you will keep track of your own expenses.

Access what you have spent at any time and know if your expenses have been approved, rejected and why.
Record your expenses, take a picture of the receipt, attach the invoice and you're done!
Say goodbye to filling out expense reports from time to time.
Deactivate or cancel the card in case it is lost.

An expense management software within a Human Resources software

With Factorial expenses, you get the best of expense management with all the features of Factorial. Literally, all in one.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Assign your projects to shifts and confirm your working hours with a few clicks and one huge smile.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Personalize and automate every onboarding process in a fast and simple way.

Time Off

Time Off

Manage your employee's absences. And also regain your peace of mind.

Documents and e-signatures

Documents and e-signatures

Manage documents in the safest, fastest, and most legally-compliant way.

Payroll & Expenses

Payroll & Expenses

Manage and share everything that affects your company's payroll.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Track your employees' development to make better decisions.

That's not all you need to know about expense management.

There is still more.

Upload all expenses into Excel or your accounting software to file your taxes.
Categorize, analyze and download expense reports whenever you need them.
Filter your expenses by date, department, project or type.
Gain visibility, data and, consequently, profits.

Choose Factorial

Manage your team's working time, vacations, payroll and talent in one place and in a matter of seconds. It's not magic, it's Factorial.

Why Factorial?

Find out for yourself.

We give you a period to try our Human Resources software for free and check the time you can save with your own eyes (or see it on your watch, rather).

If after that time you decide to go with Factorial, the best thing is that you can leave whenever you want. Our software has no permanence, but there are many reasons for you to want to stay.

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