Applicant Tracking System

Experience seamless job applicant tracking with our ATS. Applicant management and effortless talent tracking with our robust ATS system.

applicant tracking system
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A better experience for both applicants and recruiters

With an ATS, hiring becomes easier and more effective for everyone involved. Make job opportunities more visible, simplify the application process, improve communication, help manage candidates efficiently, save time and money, and enable smart decision making with data.

❌ Without an Applicant Tracking System, the hiring process can be slow and time consuming.

✅ Quickly sort through resumes, keep track of candidate details, and seamlessly update applicants.

❌ Without an ATS, it's easy to miss the best candidates.

✅ Keep all your applicant information in a single database to track and compare candidates effectively.

❌ Communication problems can cost you time and money.

✅ Through Factorial, you can manage the entire hiring process so everyone is on the same page!

A careers page that gets more applicants

Improve your employer branding in a few minutes with our custom-generated careers pages, and attract more candidates.

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Fully-customizable beautiful career page templates.
Generated automatically based on the data you already have in Factorial.

From candidate to employee

The entire employee lifecycle stays within Factorial, together with all their documents and personal information.

Manage candidates through the hiring process, and beyond.
Everything stays at Factorial, which means you can run reports on your data.

Customize it to your recruitment needs

Create custom job offers, application forms or pipeline steps. Factorial can easily adapt to the needs of your company.

Create tailored application forms.
Adapt pipeline steps to your current workflow.

Everything is already in Factorial

Leverage your team and data being already in Factorial. Get managers in the hiring loop effortlessly with a couple of clicks.

Forget about doing the same thing twice, use data you already have in Factorial for your positions.
Hiring managers will easily stay in the loop as they will only have one tool to worry about.

Improve the candidate experience and streamline the application process

Improve the application process from start to finish. Make sure all candidates, whether they're disqualified or successful new hires, receive a response to their applications.

Create workflows with automated emails.
Utilize customizable email templates.
Forget manual responses and unanswered applications.

Everything you need to manage human resources

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