Factorial for Human Resources

Speed up and simplify HR processes so you can focus on your team's growth, their formation and the selection process.

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Over 60,000 companies have already used our human resources software

timeoff solution

Holidays and Absence Software

You will no longer waste time managing holidays and absences of your employees. They can request their absences at any time and know the vacation days they have left from their profile.

Employee Profile

All employee information and documents in one place. No more mailing payslips or constantly update the personal information of each employee.

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documents management

Document Management

Manage all the documentation of the employees in a safe way and share those company documents that you need. Don’t waste more time sending payslips and other documents to employees.

HR Reports and Analytics

Generate customized reports based on the data of your company and know, at all times, the status of your team, its structure, the average age of your employees, among others.

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events communication dashboard

Events and Communications

Create events and communications from your department to inform employees of milestones and upcoming activities within the company. Missing a business event is a thing of the past!

Other features

Discover the other features that Factorial for Human Resources has for you:

Multiple language support
Available in different languages and countries.
team overview
Manage your workforce better thanks to the team manager.
Manage the workforce of different offices from the same place.
organizational chart
Organizational chart
Create your own organizational chart.
Add manager access to the employees of your choice.
custom fields
Custom fields
Request all the information you need from employees.

An HR software for everyone

Discover all of the solutions that Factorial has for your business.
Factorial for HR
Factorial for HR

Focus on your team

Improve the productivity of your Human Resources team.

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Factorial for Business
Factorial for Business

Make better decisions

Optimize your business management and save money.

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Factorial for Employees
Factorial for Employees

An employee portal

Discover all the features of the employee portal.

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