Integrations Partner Program

Walk with us towards a bright people's future.

This is interesting for you if...

What does this partnership means

You want to increase your visibility and your client database.

Your tool will be connected to thousands of new clients that can hire your services in just one click. With an extraordinary workforce Factorial is growing massively. Grow with us!

Your company target is focused in companies from 10 to 500 employees.

This is our main focused and we are extending our market from Europe to LATAM, Brazil and USA.

You want to give to your customers the best experience ever.

One of our primary goals is to make our customer's life easier. We spend many resources on giving the best experience for human resources and all employees.

Directly to your core target.

Factorial is meant to be one of the biggest human resource platforms in the world. Do you dare to grow with us?


We are tripling the number of customers each year. And our goal is to go even better

+ 350

With a sales force of more than 350 motivated people giving solutions directly to your core target.


We operate in 11 different markets: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, France, UK, México, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal

How to join the program?

Step by step

Register yourself into the program

Click on the "Become a partner now" button below this list, fill in the form, and our relationship will be started. We will contact you to define more details about the collaboration.


If you want to appear in Factorial Marketplaces, we must ensure your product meets some conditions. Calm down! They are pretty basic!


We will agree on the integration features according to the possibilities and our shared customer's use cases. We will be walking with you, giving you support with the API usage to be really quick on de development phase.

Launch the integration in beta with a couple of customers

We just want to be sure that everything is ok! So let's try it step by step.

Big release in marketplaces, newsletter and social networks.

After working on the marketing materials, we will upload your product information to our public website and to the internal marketplace. The release of this integration will also be announced in Factorial's newsletter and on social networks if you are not a competitor.

Evaluation: Checklist

If you want to appear in Factorial Marketplaces, we need to make sure the tool meet these conditions:

The value proposition is complementary to Factorials goals.
You operate in any of the markets we do: Europe, LATAM, Brazil and USA.
You will provide customer support regarding the integration’s problems.

Start to get involved with our API

Take a look at our REST API. You will have all you need to build the desired integration.

The documentation you need to do whatever you want.

Do you want to grow with us?

We are triplicating our customers each year. Register now in our program and grow with us.