At Factorial we believe in the companies that believe in people

The difference between a business and a good company is the support, tools and growth opportunities given to people. And that's what we do at Factorial.

Algunas de las compañías con las que compartimos inversores

An entire team dedicated to making yours grow

While we evolve alongside you

950+ people

working in the Factorial team

12 countries

around the globe are home to our teams

4 offices

in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and The United States

Factorial was founded because we faced the same problems you do

The founders, Jordi, Bernat and Pau realized that they wasted a lot of time managing the schedules, vacations, contracts or payroll of the company's employees. And they were sure there was an easier and more useful way to do it. So, in 2016 they decided to create a solution that would offer CEOs and Managers data to grow their company's talent in addition to automating processes. And they called it Factorial.

Our values help us keep up

You just have to see how much we have grown in a short time.


We take responsibility for every project. We make decisions, not excuses.

Knowdedge hungry

We're dedicated to learning something new every day and, above all, share it.


Every decision is a team decision. And we trust ours.

Moving Fast

We act fast. We think that the worst mistake is not learning from them.

By helping you, we grow every day.

Factorial is considered the fastest-growing company in the human resources industry. We have achieved 300% annual growth since 2019. It hasn't been easy, but we have a team working to take us further every day. And our customers too.

Factorial testimonials

From those who make us grow and, therefore, you too.

Saying that Factorial bets on people is not cliché. I feel like I belong to something special and with an amazing team that brings out the best in me. They give us great responsibility and that is what makes us do equally great things.
Edurne VegaHead of Internal Communication at Factorial
Responsibility. That is the core value that drives Factorial's culture. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, who follow the same principles and seek to have the greatest impact is one of the best things that can happen to you in your career.
Borja PrietoHead of Inbound Marketing at Factorial
Factorial embraces creativity and promotes initiative. When someone fails it is an opportunity to learn, not to stop. What I like the most is that I feel like I'm growing both personally and professionally.
Kylie GrantContent Marketing Specialist at Factorial

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They say that what really sets a company apart is its culture, which is why we never stop evolving ours.

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