Manage payroll on time and error-free

Organize, review and automate data and documents necessary to carry out payroll, saving you excel, paperwork and errors


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by unifying the entire process in Factorial


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Centralizing payroll management processes puts you ahead

By saving you time, mistakes and whole lot of emails

Simply automate each process
Instantly share what you need with your payroll consultant or whoever you prefer
Save time and have security
Detect, correct and avoid payroll mistakes
Download reports and draw conclusions
More than 9,000 companies use Factorial for their HR management
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What can you do with Factorial's payroll management?

We'll guide you through the process and save you time and avoid mistakes

Customize employee agreements accordingly and add their work history
Program and automate bonuses
Involve managers, directors or others in bonus validation
Calculate and compensate overtime
Generate payroll documents and pay your team
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Payroll calculation is complicated, do you need the help of a consultant?

If so, we have a directory of certified consultancies to directly communicate with. We believe in automation, but trust even more in the people who are there no matter what.

Employment consultant

Registrations, cancellations or contract changes. All the advice you need on labor issues.

Payroll calculation

Get payroll calculated, reviewed and validated by a consultant.

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Feel free to integrate what you're already using with Factorial

Do you use payroll software and not ready to change? We integrate with leading programs.

Streamline the payroll process, centralize data and avoid jumping from one program to another
Gain peace of mind knowing that your consultancy will be aware of everything that happens with your payroll
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Clients that manage payroll with Factorial

More than 7,000 companies use factorial every day

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“The implementation of this type of tool allowed us to save time and, at the same time, have reliable, useful and relevant data for our daily management.”
Sara DjemaïHR Development Manager

Why Factorial?

We’ll give a period to try our HR software completely free and see just how simple it can be to manage shifts, time off, overtime and employee absences.

Payroll management FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we get about our payroll management software

Does Factorial calculate payroll?

Can I continue working with my current consultancy for payroll management?

I don't have a payroll consultant. Will Factorial help me find one?

There are many people in my company involved in the payroll process; managers, management, and administration... can anyone be part of the process with Factorial?

Payroll in my company always works the same, why do I need Factorial?

My consultant needs to integrate Factorial with another program he already uses, can he do that?

Can I pay my team using Factorial?