Manage your team's time without losing yours

Take care of time, vacations and shifts with ease and flexibility. Goodbye Excel, Hello Factorial!

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More than 10,000 companies use Factorial for their HR management
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Factorial’s time management in numbers

We make the most of every second so you can save time every day.


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Time tracking, shifts and time off

Three features that give you exactly what you need to make the most of your time

time tracking

Automate time tracking

Control, review and approve hours worked and download reports to stay compliant.

Gain clarity with shift management

Establish policies, see who’s working and who’s not at a glance, and organize your team’s shifts.

Manage shifts without paperwork

Establish the most suitable absence policy and simply approve them upon request.

Time tracking you won’t have to track

Everyone clocks in and out and you receive a report with their hours. It’s that easy.

Clock in from your computer, Factorial app or with a QR code
Establish various policies
Discover how time is spent to see who’s working less and who may be overworking
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Organize shifts without excel or mistakes

See who’s working and who’s not and manage shifts so everyone knows their schedule.

Assign hours and days in a matter of seconds
Give your team an easy way to organize their time
Establish policies that best suit your company
Register hours worked and any exceptions in the way that makes the most sense to you
shift management

Manage time off in a matter of seconds, not patience

When your team requests time off, you can accept or reject it in the time it takes to read this

Get a notification whenever someone requests time off
See who’s working, who’s off and who has upcoming time off to help you stay organized
Sick leave, vacation, moving day, your team can clarify their reason for their absence
time off in a matter of seconds

Why is time management the key to success?

With a software that minimizes paperwork and headaches, you can dedicate your time to bringing out the best in people and your business. Because time is priceless.

Forget about Excel and going from one program to the next
Instantly see what your team is working on
Approve or reject time off requests in seconds
Keep track of time to comply with regulations

Clients that manage time with Factorial

More than 7,000 companies use Factorial daily. That’s a lot of happy people.

“On the subject of absences I have noticed it a lot. Until now, we used to go through a manual paper and had to go through hours of approval. And now with Factorial, the person simply requests it and an e-mail arrives automatically.”
Lidia BalañaPeople & Culture Coordinator

Why Factorial?

We’ll give a period to try our HR software completely free and see just how simple it can be to manage shifts, time off, overtime and employee absences.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we get related to time management

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