Expense Management Software

Easily manage employee and company expenses with Factorial’s expense management software feature. Receive automatic notifications of uploaded expenses and quickly approve or deny them. 
Centralize your employee Expenses
With the app for expense management, you can upload and track all your expenses in one place.
Allow employees to upload their expenses directly to Factorial.
Forget about paper. Digitalize all your receipts and invoices.
Keep records of your expenses in the expense management system feature.
Add additional information to Expenses
In the expense management app, request more information about employee expenses. 
Create custom fields to collect information about employee expenses.
Classify expenses according to custom categories.
Calculate the expenses derived from each project.
Automate Expense approvals
Speed up the expense approval process with expense management solutions.
Receive automatic expense approval requests every time employees upload their expenses.
Send notifications about recent expense approvals. 
Categorize and analyze Expenses
Gain visibility on expenses with Factorial's expense management system feature.
Create expense reports in the expense management online portal.
Filter all your expenses by date, department, project, type, etc.
Track your company's expenses over a period of time in an expense management report.
View your Expense Management reports in a spreadsheet
Easily export all the data from your expense reports as spreadsheets.
Export expenses from Factorial to your accounting software.
View your expense management data in a spreadsheet format.

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