Time Tracking made simple

Understand your team’s performance with an easy to use software. Time attendance insights to make informed business decisions and boost employee productivity.

Track Working Hours with Time & Attendance Software

Set a work schedule for employees and calculate hours worked.
Create different working shifts and quickly assign them to employees.
View employees taking time off or working remotely for better shift management.
Calculate hours worked for each employee.
Add notes to your employees’ electronic timesheets.

Time tracking software that increases productivity

Track employee hours to better manage employee productivity.
Review electronic timesheets and individual shifts daily.
Monitor and pay extra working hours easily.

Time tools to reduce absenteeism

Track team attendance to cut down on absenteeism. Know when and where employees are working and approve or reject their timesheet logs.
Receive a notification when employees clock in/out from a location outside the office.
Allow employees to use a clocking in app from the entrance of your office.

Employees can clock in online or with the clock in app

Employees use a clocking in app to scan a QR code when they enter the office.
Geofencing technology notifies you when employees clock in/out away from the office.
Employees can use the employee time clock app to view their work schedule and track hours worked.

Configure employee time tracking permissions

Create custom group permissions to set how to track employee hours.Learn more about permissions and roles
Create a role for team managers to review and approve employees' electronic timesheets.
Select which employees can fill in their working shifts manually.

Sign and confirm electronic timesheets

Have your employees sign their timesheet logs to legally confirm their working hours.Learn more about e-signature
Use time tracking software to protect your company from absenteeism.
Stay compliant with any time tracking law from your city or state. 
Sign documents legally. 

Mobile application employee time tracking

Both employees and employers can review the online time clock from anywhere.Learn more about the mobile App
Automate time off requests.
Calculate work hours with the most up to date information.
Generate personal charts for tracking hours worked and total time off used and available.

All the data you need for time and attendance

Gain insight into the cost of labor with custom reports using data from the time log.Learn more about HR reports
Calculate average working hours per week or working hours in a year for each employee.
See which employees are not fulfilling their working hours.

Clock in directly from Slack

Employees can access the employee timeclock using SlackLearn more about Slack's integration
Direct access makes clocking in and calculating work hours easy.
An easy way to manage your electronic timesheets.

Manage overtime and comp time off by hour

Our hourly absence management feature allows employees to take absences by hour so that they can use their comp time for extra hours worked.Learn more about our Software for Hourly Absence Management
View upcoming absences on the calendar.
Create an hour bank to manage overtime.
Manage work shifts better by synchronizing them with hourly absences.
Gain insight into absenteeism in your business.
Everything you need to manage human resources
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