Permission groups and user roles

Customize the permissions of the employees you choose and adjust Factorial completely to the needs of your company. You can customize as many employees as you need.

permission settings

Granular control

Set Factorial default permissions and make sure that access to employee content is as you really want.

  • Adapted to any company structure
  • It allows adjusting the responsibilities of the workers to measure

Custom permission groups

Create custom permission groups and customize default permissions. In this way, you will customize the predefined Factorial roles.

  • Create as many custom groups as you need
  • Assign employees to each group, regardless of the default role assigned

Adapt predefined roles

Custom groups allow you to adapt predefined Factorial roles to specific needs. Thus, barriers between roles will be diluted, establishing personalized relationships.

  • Add additional permissions to employees
  • Restrict the permissions of an administrator by assigning it to a custom group

Simple setup

It solves all kinds of granularity needs, without adding complexity to the system.

  • Accessible and easy to use permit system
  • To configure, just enable or disable permissions
  • You can reset the permissions to the original state

Define time-off permissions

Create custom permissions and set how to manage your company's time-off. 

Allow managers to approve or reject employees' time-off. 
Configure who can edit submitted time-off.

Manage time tracking permissions

Configure how to manage your employees' time tracking with permissions groups.

Allow team managers to review and approve employees' working hours. 
Define which employees can edit their shifts.

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