Measure company and employee objectives using OKR methodology

Using OKR software to define employee objectives keeps the entire company moving in the right direction. Aligning the work of your entire workforce and keep track of the progress and results.

Create different types of objectives within your company

Choose and assign goals to one or more employees so that everyone knows what their responsibilities are.

Create goals for employees

Tailor objectives for teams or specific individuals

For variable remuneration

Quantitative, numerical and measurable objectives.

100% Adaptables

Track qualitative and subjective objectives, such as progress in developing skills.

Manage business objectives more effectively

Cultivate employee talent within your company by customizing objectives, monitoring progress, and encouraging employee development.

Create goals with a name, description, start and expiration date and choose how to measure them
Adapt the objectives to the different roles of your employees
Create and adjust goals as needed

Provide visibility and transparency to the process

Let managers see the status of their team members' goals and let employees know how they are progressing.

Keep employees informed about the variable pay they will receive
Assign statuses to goals, such as "progressing", "up to date" and "at risk"
Close the objectives when they have expired

Easily adjust objectives with variable remuneration

If you want to define the individual objective of an employee who works as a salesperson for example, through Factorial software you can:

Assign different objectives to employees within the same team; objectives for the number of accounts closed, benefits achieved, etc.
Reschedule or reset goals every month
Let the worker see how much he has left to achieve his objectives and whether or not he is on track

Use OKRs and KPIs to improve your company's performance

While OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results”, KPI is the well-known acronym for “Key Performance Indicators”.

With Factorial software, you will be able to use both performance metrics and methods to manage and help employees reach their goals. 

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