Talent management to motivate and empower your team

Recruit top talent, follow their progress, enhance their skills, and detect their strengths. Who said HR is just resources?


of time saved on hiring


increase in employee retention


more profitability with these tools

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Teams that feel cared for are 80% more productive

The more you care for people, the more they give back

Add value to your company

Add value to your company

Innovate by bringing tools that have an impact on well-being and, consequently, the business.

Uncover what needs to be improved

Uncover what needs to be improved

Analyze results at a glance and discover problems you didn't know you had.

Turn your company into a benchmark

Turn your company into a benchmark

People look for places where they can grow and be cared for in the process.

Software to recruit talent faster and better

Having difficulty finding the ideal person? We centralize every step of the hiring process so that you have a recruitment process that attracts top talent

Create offers, forms, email templates and automate responses.
Forget about duplicating information or processes, use the data you already have in Factorial for your positions.
Include whoever you need in the recruitment process.
Customize the career page and integrate it with yours through API.
Enjoy integrations with portals and platforms to publish offers on various sites in seconds.

Improve the onboarding process

With Factorial's welcome space, we guarantee that talent comes in motivated and with higher chances of staying longer. In addition, with our surveys, eNPS, and community tools you will create the ideal environment for your team to feel heard.


Conduct performance reviews that help you reach sucess

Get the most out of each person with the latest tools to manage performance, follow their growth and learn about their progress.

Create 180º and 360º performance reviews and detect the strengths of your team with the 9-box grid.
Customize your performance reviews and choose who participates in them from start to finish.
Review the answers and draw conclusions such as who to promote.
Create personalized reports from the employee evaluations.
Track progress on each assessment.

More talent management tools

We're always trying to bring you new talent management tools

Design training programs

Once you know your teams' strengths and weaknesses, you can establish tailor-made training plans.

More about training

Track OKRs

Set SMART goals, track progress and draw conclusions from the results. You won't miss a thing.

More about OKRs

Clients who manage talent with Factorial

More than 7.000 companies use Factorial daily

“We decided to choose Factorial because it was both useful for managers and useful, visual and intuitive for the employee.”
Lidia BalañaPeople & Culture Coordinator

Why Factorial?

We’ll give a period to try our HR software completely free and see just how simple it can be to manage shifts, time off, overtime and employee absences.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we often hear about Factorial Talent.

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Can I carry out the complete selection process with Factorial?

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