Top HR Templates

Discover our Human Resources templates and automate vacation processes, shift management, time control, etc.

Download Your Free Payslip Template

With Factorial’s payslip template you can create an employee payslip quickly, without worrying about what to include. Download our free payslip template to start managing your employee payroll better!

Download Your Free Time & Attendance Excel Template

Using our time and attendance template is the most basic way to track employees working hours.

Download Your Holiday and Absences Template 2021

Using our holiday leaves template is the most simple way to keep track of employee absences and days off.

Download Your Free KPI Template

KPIs are a reliable way to measure performance and set goals. This template will help you keep track of your company's performance.

Download your Free Human Resources OKR Template

Download your human resources OKR template and improve the way you manage your HR processes. Bring clarity and focus to your company goals and objectives with the OKR system!

Download your Free HR Audit Checklist

Use Factorial's checklist to help you plan your HR audit and stay up to date with what's happening in your company. Our free excel spreadsheet helps you stay on track with determining which areas are worth focusing on in your audit.

Download your free Growth Mindset Assessment

Take our growth mindset assessment to analyse whether as a leader, you have a fixed or growth mindset. This is a useful test to your employees aswell, as adopting a growth mindset has been proven to increase employees motivation, improve work relationships and develop employees overall performance.

Download your Free Onboarding Checklist!

Make sure you cover all the steps in onboarding. With our free onboarding checklist, you can keep track of the process.

Download Your Free Offboarding Checklist

Make sure you cover all the steps in the process of offboarding with our free checklist. We include every detail starting from when the employee’s leave is initiated, to the final exit interview and farewell.

Download your Free Hiring Process Checklist

Our free excel spreadsheet makes sure you don’t miss a step in the process of hiring.

Employee handbook template

With Factorial’s employee handbook template you can start drafting your own employee handbook quickly, without worrying about what to include. Download our free template for employee handbook!

Download our Performance Appraisal Template

Download your free performance appraisal template, which will help you identify the areas of focus you need to consider when conducting an employee performance evaluation.

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