Top Templates for HR

Our most downloaded templates to streamline your HR processes.

Download Your Free Payslip Template

With Factorial’s payslip template you can create an employee payslip quickly, without worrying about what to include. Download our free payslip template to start managing your employee payroll better!

Download Your Holiday and Absences Template 2021

Using our holiday leaves template is the most simple way to keep track of employee absences and days off.

Download Your Free Time & Attendance Excel Template

Using our time and attendance template is the most basic way to track employees working hours.

Top HR Checklists

Checklists to help human resources cross the t's and dot the i's.

Download your Free HR Audit Checklist

Use Factorial's checklist to help you plan your HR audit and stay up to date with what's happening in your company. Our free excel spreadsheet helps you stay on track with determining which areas are worth focusing on in your audit.

Download your Free Onboarding Checklist!

Make sure you cover all the steps in onboarding. With our free onboarding checklist, you can keep track of the process.

Download Your Free Offboarding Checklist

Make sure you cover all the steps in the process of offboarding with our free checklist. We include every detail starting from when the employee’s leave is initiated, to the final exit interview and farewell.

Download Ron Lovett's Bestselling Book Outrageous Empowerment

Download for free Ron Lovett's highly rated book Outragious Empowerment.

OKRs for HR: Common Mistakes to Avoid

For this ebook, we partnered up with OKR specialists over at gtmhub to bring you 8 of the most common mistakes people make when setting OKRs. Tailored for HR specialists and leaders, this eboook will help you create and refine your OKRs and reach your goals.

Previous Webinars

Learn from the best through our webinars.

[Clubhouse] OKR Workshop for HR: Refine Your Objectives

Listen to an interactive OKR workshop with Gtmhub's Chief of People, Harry Siggins. He discusses best practices and common mistakes in creating OKRs.

Listen now

[Webinar 🎧] How To Practice Emotional Intelligence in HR!

In this webinar, HR expert Laura Mazzullo discusses the importance of emotional intelligence within the workplace and offers tips on ways managers can cultivate empathy and compassion.

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Webinar: Supporting Others to Succeed

In this webinar, Executive Director of Global Human Resources Marcela Niemeyer shares with us her tips on supporting others to succeed. This is a vital skill to have in the world of HR, as no business can succeed without HR leaders and managers unsolicited support for their employees.

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