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Effortlessly track employee time off with our vacation, PTO and sick leave tracker. Simplify time management and stay organized with our reliable time off manager.

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Approving time-off requests has never been easier

Cut down on hours wasted by automating your PTO approval processes

Simplify PTO Tracking

Simplify PTO Tracking

Easily manage employee absences and leave requests to save time. With a streamlined time-off manager, approving PTO requests is as simple as a click, avoiding email confusion.

Centralized Time-Off Software

Centralized Time-Off Software

Time-off trackers eliminate spreadsheet struggles, offering a single hub for tracking remaining time off. Bid farewell to staffing issues caused by overlapping absences with an efficient employee absence tracker.

Effortless Compliance

Effortless Compliance

Establish your own PTO policies through Factorial, reducing confusion over sick leave, holidays, and other policies. Say goodbye to time-consuming Excel templates, emails, and timesheets—Factorial's features save you time.

A time off manager for sick leave, PTO, leave tracking and more.

A software to track vacation and sick time off, and gain insight into your workforce.

Automate employee time off requests.
Enforce your company's PTO policies.
See employee vacation time accrued, used, and remaining.
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Visualize employee leave with the calendar view

Visualize employee leave and track vacation days with our vacation tracking software's convenient calendar view.

Discover the advantages of using Factorial over a free Excel template for time off management.

View all upcoming sick leave, vacation days, and other types of leave at a glance.
Track time off to make sure each team is adequately staffed.
See overlapping vacation days and plan accordingly.
Keep track of employee holidays easily.
See team absences and individual absences monthly or yearly.
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PTO tracking software with customizable time off policies

Create and apply your own time off policies. Implement vacation policies for the whole business or for different teams.

Set the amount of paid time off that carries over from one year to the next.
Calculate PTO accrual easily.
Create a vacation policy, a policy for sick days— as many unpaid and paid time off policies as you need.
Employee vacation days will no longer come as a surprise.
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Approve employee time off requests with a click

No more improperly filed employee time off request forms. With vacation tracking software, employees submit vacation requests electronically for review.

Designate a supervisor to respond to employee time off requests.
Every time employees request PTO, you receive a notification via email.
Evenly enforce unpaid and paid time off policies.
Configure employee time off policies and permissions.
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Generate custom absence categories to cover all types of leave with flexibility.

Create leave types with our comprehensive vacation and sick time tracking software including sick leave, vacation days, maternity leave, and more.

Add as many leave types as you need for effective time off management.
Customize the settings for each type of leave.
Employees can conveniently select their preferred leave type when submitting time off requests.
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Configure time off management permissions

Set permissions to determine which supervisors will need to approve absence requests.

Learn more about group permissions
 and roles

Create a role for managers to approve vacation requests.
Select who can edit employee absences once they have been submitted.
Approve and deny PTO requests from the app.
Set up what who can access certain features and when.
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Utilize time off data to run custom reports

Generate custom reports about employee absences and types of leave to make better decisions.

Learn more about HR reports

Create reports and group time off data per office or team.
Review all employees' previous and future time off and leave types.
Download annual and monthly summaries of employee absences.
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Time Off Tracking App

Allow employees to make time off requests from their smart phones.

Learn more about Factorial’s mobile app

Employees can easily submit and edit vacation requests.
Updates to time off automatically sync with the employee portal.
Time off manager web platform is accessible from anywhere.
Employees can check their PTO requests and status on the go.
Managers receive PTO request notifications on the app and via email.
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Leave Management Software for Employees

A centralized hub for all of your HR time off management needs.

Leave management software to keep track of employee absences and make scheduling easier.
See accumulated time off and ensure compliance with PTO laws.
Set up your own time off policies to guarentee fair workplace practices.
time leave manager

Sync Factorial's time off calendar with Google

Organize your schedule by syncing our time off tracking software with Google Calendar.

Learn more about Google Calendar integration

Track employee leave and time off requests from Google.
Automatically sync updates and company holidays.
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Vacation tracker for small businesses that want to grow

Manage all types of holidays and leave by the hour. Adapt the settings to any type of employment contract or shift of your employees.

Find out more about the management of holidays by hours.

Use more accurate time off requests.
Create recurring cycles and carry over unused time off.
Shift scheduling made easy with hourly absences.
Integrate hourly leave management with our time off tracker.
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The employee vacation leave tracker you need for your HR management

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Discover the most powerful and easy to use tool on the market for employee holiday time tracking.
Tailored pricing for your needs and goals.
More than 8000 companies already use Factorial. Give it a try yourself!

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