HR Solutions for Technology companies

With so much going on in a fast-paced tech environment, there's one main thing that often lags behind, and that is HR management.

Factorial HR offers the HR Solutions suited to the needs of your fast-growing technology company.

HR Solutions for Technology companies

The HR Solutions your team needs to grow

Tech companies can range from small startups to large multinational organizations. Regardless of their size and the differences between them, they share common needs such as: accurate recordkeeping, simplified time-off management, project management, and improved employee performance, to name a few. 

Time & Attendance

Offer employees flexibility with how they clock in/out, whether they're working on-site/off-site, or working remotely. 

Mobile App

Mobile App

Allow your employees to clock-in and ask for time-off from their mobile device.

Time-off and Calendar

Time-off and Calendar

Request a vacation and leave in seconds and track who is working on our company calendar.

Accrued Hours

Accrued Hours

Monitor your employees extra hours and their accrued time off.  

Store and sign your documents easily with your HR Software

The days of paperwork are over! Manage all your employee and company documents online, in the same place. 

Centralize all your employee documents

Centralize all your employee documents

Payslips, Contracts, Leaves, IDs… divided by folders and easily uploaded. 

Sign documents digitally

Sign documents digitally

Request the digital signature of your employees. The process is 100% safe and compliant with the eIDAS safety standards.

Notify your employees

Notify your employees

Your employees will be notified every time they need a signature or receive a new document. 

A project management software for tech companies


Create and assign projects to different employees
Track the working hours spent on your projects, according to days or shifts 
Analyze the hours worked on each project with complete Reports
Integrate your project management tool with all your Factorial features like Performance Reviews, Time Tracking and Workflows Automations. 

What our Tech Customers are Saying

Our clients have diverse needs, but the one thing they have in common is their need for a Human Capital Management system that covers all the bases for Technology Companies.

Factorial is highly automated, fast, allows you to register quickly, and edit settings, all whilst facilitating you in knowing the status of each one of your employees.
David Mojonero HR & Finance Manager

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HR solutions allow Tech companies to streamline their HR processes, saving them time so they can focus their efforts and attention towards growing the team and scaling the company. 

Here is what we can do for you:

Time-off and Time Tracking
Performance Management
HR Reports and Analytics
Document Management and Digital Signature
Expenses Management

HR as your ally towards growth

Improve hiring & onboarding efficiency, manage employee schedules without errors, gain visibility over your people analytics, build internal communications, and promote better WFH practices.

Grow your team more efficiently

Employee scheduling has never been easier

HR reports aren't meant to collect dust

Keep your team connected

Digital transformation as a driver for growth

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