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We understand that payroll management is a complex process. That’s why we want to provide you with a solution that centralizes all of the tasks on one, simple platform.

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Approve and submit without having to think about it

Every time one of your employees generates an out-of-pocket expense, it implies a separate bank transfer to reimburse them. But what if it is more than one? How many bank transfers do you have to do each month?

 With this sync, expenses will automatically be reflected as an additional supplement in Payroll, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


What does our Automated Payroll system allow you to do?

As a Factorial admin, you will gain an overview of the whole Payroll calculation process, introduced to you step by step.

Save time creating one payslip per employee, reviewing supplements and avoid mistakes before sending it to your Payroll provider.
Allow managers to gather supplements for you and notify your bookkeeper or download the payroll data with the click of a botton.
Manage and share everything that affects your companys’ monthly payroll.
Keep in touch with your bookkeeper through Factorial Professionals.
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Seems pretty straightforward so far? Wait until you try it yourself.

Make your life easier by scheduling periodic compensations, so that when the payday comes, we can do the work for you.

Schedule your supplements per employee without having to worry about doing it manually each time.
Decide whether you want these compensations to be fixed or variable.
Establish the cycle most suitable for you: Bi-weekly? Every month? Once in three months? No problem!
Define what the additional compensation stands for: bonus, overtime, commissions… and add as many as you need.

Factorial Payroll Software in numbers.

(Going up day by day)


less cost from reducing errors in invoices and paychecks

+ 60%

of employees work more happily thanks to automating expenses


Active costumers are using our Payroll management software

Centralized Payslips and Data in one place

We centralize all payroll-related processes for all the stakeholders within one platform, that streamlines communication and makes payroll seamless.

HR admins can distribute payslips just by pressing enter, saving a lot of time.
Employees, whenever they need, can access their agreement, payslips, and other related documents..
Forget about time consuming processes, control and guide the payroll process from beginning to end.
Gain security and insights to support your decision making.
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Gain Payroll Insights with or without a Payroll report

Our tool allows you to draw conclusions without having to download reports. Although you can also do it, of course.

Gain an overview of all the new hirings and terminations, types of agreements, contracts and working hours!
Understand the overall supplements per concept you company is paying.
Check the types of agreements or workdays the different employees have.
And of course, if you need to, download Payroll Reports, avoid mistakes and make better decisions.
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Need extra help? That's what our Bookkeepers are here for

We know payroll can be complicated, and that’s why, we can accompany you every step of the way with our network of certified bookkeepers.

Send Payroll incidences automatically to your bookkeeper and track their status at every moment.
New hirings, sick leaves, maternity leaves… when an incidence in your payroll is generated you will be able to review it and send it to your bookkeeper without leaving the platform.
Do you need to add further information? Just include any notes related to a particular incidence and send.
If you need a summary of all your incidences, you can download it in a excel file, and share it!

The Payroll App within an All-in-One HR Software

The advantages of a having a payroll app within an all-in-one HR Software is that we know your company, your employee's and, of course, your preferences. Let us tell you how.

Key information always reflected

Key information always reflected

New hires, terminations, work agreement updates... Every change relevant for your Payroll process will be automatically reflected within it. For real.

Payroll connects with other domains

Payroll connects with other domains

Reimburse your employee’s expenses automatically through Payroll or automate additional compensations based on time... We got you!

Company cost analysis with Payroll

Company cost analysis with Payroll

Payroll data will connect with your company’s infrastructure, allowing you to have an overview of the people cost analysis in order to improve your strategical decision making.

Divide work and conquer!

Divide work and conquer!

The different permissions you can create within Factorial will make the payroll workload much lighter: decide which roles can add supplements, share approval policies and gain time.

Factorial Payroll integrates with the software your bookkeeper uses.

Your bookkeeper already uses a tool they feel comfortable with? No worries! Factorial adapts to you, not the other way around.

Make payroll processing faster by avoiding jumping from one tool to another.
Gain peace of mind knowing that your bookkeeper will be on top of everything that happens with payroll.

Factorial Professionals, 
the ultimate automation

Receive updates from your bookkeeper or send your own updates of all the processes related with your payroll in real time.

Why Factorial?

Find out for yourself.

We give you a period to try our Human Resources software for free and check the time you can save with your own eyes (or see it on your watch, rather).

If after that time you decide to go with Factorial, the best thing is that you can leave whenever you want. Our software has no permanence, but there are many reasons for you to want to stay.

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