Tailored solutions to reach your full potential

No matter the sector, we have customizable tools that adapt to your needs: manage clock-ins, payroll, talent and expenses to optimize your processes and grow in record time.

Trusted by more than 8,000 companies in over 65 countries

Transform your team and become an industry leader

Improve your HR processes and take your business to the next level.

An all-in-one software

An all-in-one software

Forget about Excel and jumping from program to program.

Simplify people management

Simplify people management

Optimize your teams professional development, from recruiting to performance reviews.

Boost your business

Boost your business

Download reports, analyze data and make smarter, more strategic decisions.

For tech companies

At Factorial we offer an HR software tailored to fast-growing, dynamic companies that have a lot to do in little time.

Keep records, manage absences, optimize time management, manage projects, evaluate employee performance, and much more!
Save time and money by optimizing your processes and automating tasks.
Hassle-free clock-ins, remote and in person.
Project management designed for technology companies.

For marketing and communications companies

Communications and marketing are always evolving. Factorial has a comprehensive vision for your business, so you don't miss a beat.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Documentation, payslips, time management, talent management... and more!

Automate tasks

Automate tasks

Digitize, connect and schedule tasks to save time.

Gain visibility

Gain visibility

Improve team communication and visualize data and reports.

Improved productivity

Improved productivity

Achieve more goals in less time while saving money.

For the healthcare sector

With a platform specially adapted for the healthcare sector, you can manage all administrative processes and tasks easily and focus on what matters most: giving the best care.

Manage and organize shifts
Easily monitor hours worked and time off
Manage documents and contracts easier than ever with our document manager and digital signature.

More than 7,000 companies from 150 different sectors trust Factorial

They explain firsthand how our software has helped them solve their biggest problems.

I love that it's such an agile platform, and it's easy to get the hang of it quickly. The look of the platform and the seamless areas within the platform make using Factorial so enjoyable.
Gabriela SánchezHR Manager
Having all the information centralized in the same place gives me a lot of security and comfort, since I can access it at any time and place.
Mireia GarrigaEmployee
I have noticed a huge improvement with time off. Until now we were using a slow process that had to go through three approval methods. And now with Factorial, the employee simply requests it and an email automatically arrives.
Lidia BalañaPeople & Culture Coordinator

For manufacturing

To be the best in the industry, your manufacturing company needs tools that serve to streamline processes and tasks.

No more endless paperwork

Digitize all documentation and modernize your company.

Teams in sync

Manage shifts and time off without fail.

Convenient for the whole team

Easy-to-use software, even from your phone.

Seamless payslip process

Centralize and automate your payslips.

For consulting

Consultancies are known for their agile labor ecosystem that requires maximum flexibility when it comes to people management.

Automate and schedule the most complicated procedures, such as payroll management or your team's documentation.
Improve the entire career path of your staff, from hiring to training.
Save time in processes and dedicate yourself to providing more value to your team and clients.

For remote work

Many companies opt for teleworking. We help you reinforce and streamline processes to get the most out of distance.

Improve communication between professionals by having everything in a centralized platform.
Access contracts, time tracking, payroll and benefit information at any time online.
Increase trust and employee satisfaction by showing all processes transparently and clearly.
Boost productivity and retention with tools for growth: objective setting, performance evaluations, training, and much more!