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Create employee performance reviews to gain insight into your workforce, support employee development, and make more informed decisions.

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Drive growth through performance reviews

Unlock a realm of exciting business growth opportunities by supercharging employee performance, deepening engagement, and bolstering retention. Equip your HR teams with a powerful arsenal of data-driven tools, empowering them to make informed decisions that drive remarkable results.

Structured feedback

Factorial provides a structured framework for performance reviews, ensuring consistency and clarity in feedback and expectations.

Enhanced employee engagement

Regular performance feedback through Factorial fosters a culture of open communication and engagement, leading to increased motivation and productivity.

Improved retention

By addressing areas where employees can improve and offering chances for growth and development, you can recognize and tackle issues that affect employee retention.

Personalize every aspect of your employee performance review

Our performance management software offers complete flexibility. Use our suggested performance review questions or write your own.

Use different question formats: short answer, rating, or multiple choice
Select whether or not answers are obligatory and if they will be submitted anonymously
Archive previously-used questions for future performance evaluations

Gain insight into every level of your workforce

Select the reviewers who can best evaluate employee development, collaboration, and performance.

Create dynamic groups of reviewers including members of a particular team, office, or the entire company
Manually add any employees who can contribute further insights
Automatically include new hires in performance evaluations
Assign new supervisors to manage staff appraisals at any point

Automate the performance management process

You toggle the settings— leave the rest to us.

Email notifications are sent to reviewers automatically
All reviewer feedback is submitted directly through Factorial
Automated cycles request recurring feedback on a monthly, yearly, or customized basis

Centralize performance evaluations and track responses

Employee performance appraisals are stored alongside the rest of your HR data with Factorial’s all-in-one HR software.

Supervisors can edit questions and review performance evaluation comments directly from the platform
Real-time tracking shows employee responses as they come in
Status of each evaluation is visible as employees answer performance review questions

Run custom reports for better talent management

Integrate performance management with data analytics. Use custom reports to track employee development and help individuals improve.

Learn more about HR reports

Group performance data by office or team
Review closed, active, and in-process performance evaluations
Make informed decisions with quantitative and qualitative data

Improve the structure of your one-on-one meetings

Improve communication with employees with the ability to store, review, and update relevant information.

Store information

Easily view a record of past meetings.

Review your notes

Add notes and comments about the employee and the meeting.

Plan your meetings

Set an agenda to discuss areas for improvement to review during your meeting.

Monitor employee development and skills

Efficiently evaluate employee skills, identify areas for growth, and track progress toward goals.

Detect training needs and create an action plan
Review the efficacy of training courses and make adjustments as necessary
Track employees as they develop their skills

Everything you need to manage human resources

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