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Factorial Safet

Factorial means safety

We developed our human resources software thinking about the security and privacy of all businesses and employees who use us daily. We meet the highest security standards to ensure your company's data is secured at all times.

The information of your company is armored

We protect your sensitive data. Only you, with your access details, will be able to access to the information. We encrypt your password and data to ensure that only you can access it.

safe password

All Factorial’s data is stored on Amazon Web Services servers in Germany, a set of web services in the cloud that guarantees maximum security. Companies like Netflix or Airbnb rely on Amazon Web Services to manage the data of millions of users.

The Amazon Web Services data center is protected by three physical layers of security.

The facilities are protected against impact and can only be accessed through a personal and non-transferable card and pin. Only authorized staff can access the center while being monitored by cameras that track all their movements.

lopd law

Factorial complies with the LOPD

To ensure that all users are entitled to the information contained in their Factorial account, we comply with the Organic Law of Data Protection. Any user can access their data at any time and exercise their right of cancellation.

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