Training Management System

Track training courses and employee development with simple software for training management.

Track your Ongoing Training Projects

With our new customizable tables, you can plan and monitor the training sessions of your company. Track training costs and employee progress.

See who has completed the course and who is still in progress
Tracking training costs of each course through personalized reports
Follow-up on employee training with surveys to see development

Create Your Own Employee Training System

Design a training system adapted to suit your needs and those of your employees.

Add the data that you have to monitor: course name, cost, process status, location, type of training, start date, duration
Personalise information for each employee
Manage all relevant documentation through Factorial

Improve the structure of your one-on-one meetings

Improve communication with employees with the ability to store, review, and update relevant information.

Store information

Easily view a record of past meetings.

Review your notes

Add notes and comments about the employee and the meeting.

Plan your meetings

Set an agenda to discuss areas for improvement to review during your meeting.

Monitor employee development and skills

Efficiently evaluate employee skills, identify areas for growth, and track progress toward goals.

Detect training needs and create an action plan
Review the efficacy of training courses and make adjustments as necessary
Track employees as they develop their skills

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