Document Management

Easily and securely manage all the company and employee documents.

document management
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Payslips, Agreements, Contracts, Leaves, IDs…

All your employee documents organized and centralized.

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Create custom folders for each type of document.
Notify your employees about new documents.
Upload documents in bulk with ease.

Centralize your company documents

Centralize your business documents and share the ones you need with your employees.

Share company releases with your employees.
Organize your company taxes and invoices in one place.

Documents Workflows

Create workflows approvals for documents and select the persons in charge of the review.

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Assign the reviewers for each type of document.
Select the next steps once the document is approved or rejected.
Create different workflow approvals for each type of document.

Attach additional information to your documents

Create custom fields and attach additional information to your documents.

Create custom reports about your documents’ data.
Allow employees to attach additional information to their documents.
Configure each custom field to the data inside.

Configure documents permissions

Configure the permissions associated to documents for your managers and employees.

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 and roles

Configure if your managers can see employees’ documents.
Hide important documents so only authorized people can see them.

Protect all of your documents

In Factorial, we take your security very seriously and protect all your data and documents through a powerful encryption system and unique access per user.

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