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Your employees will be able to access all their personal information, documents and other functionalities through their profile from all platforms. Stay in touch with your entire staff, while saving time and money.

Factorial HR employee portal

Requesting holidays and time-off has never been so easy

Thanks to the Factorial employee portal, your workers will be able to manage their own absences, check how many holidays they have left, and who is absent. Once they request time-off, their managers will be able to approve or deny it.

Automate annual leave requests.
Create as many holiday policies as you need.
Customize the settings for each type of absence.

Time & Attendance

Offer employees flexibility with how they clock in/out, whether they're working on-site/off-site, or working remotely. 

Mobile App

Mobile App

Allow your employees to clock-in and ask for time-off from their mobile device.

Time-off and Calendar

Time-off and Calendar

Request a vacation and leave in seconds and track who is working on our company calendar.

Accrued Hours

Accrued Hours

Monitor your employees extra hours and their accrued time off.  

Keep track of your company's productivity

Use one of our models or customize your surveys and performance evaluations, to be able to measure employee performance. From the employee portal, your workers will be able to complete their tasks in just seconds, whether they are:

90° performance appraisal: manager feedback
180° performance appraisal: feedback from peers
360° performance appraisal: feedback from direct reports

Organize shift management

From the employee portal, your workers can always be aware of their entry and exit schedules, as well as any type of modification that might affect their tasks. Avoid absenteeism and increase productivity, maximizing your resources.

Notify your employees every time you change their shifts.
Streamline the flow of information to your workers.
Manage the schedules in your company without human mistakes.

Strengthen your company culture

Create a solid community of workers and make sure everyone is aware of the latest news, with our internal communication system. Create events, reminders and connect with your employees effortlessly, wherever you are.


Integrate event communication with Slack.
Streamlines the implementation of remote work.
Create company announcements and events.

Streamline the onboarding process

Have you found your ideal candidate? Share from Factorial's employee portal, all the necessary documentation and make your worker sign his contract with our digital signature system. It is safe, agile and 100% legal.

Notify your employees to sign their contract.
Create and share documentation of your company.
Centralize all the information necessary for the onboarding process.

Document Management and Digital Signature

All of your company's documentation and employee files safely stored in your document manager.

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Payslips, Contracts, Sick Leaves

Payslips, Contracts, Sick Leaves

All personal documents of your employees.

Personal Files & Documents

Personal Files & Documents

All the personal information and documents of an employee.

Everything you need to manage human resources

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