HR Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Whether you work with Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, or even in a Hospital, you will inevitably have to deal with challenges to manage your Workforce and People Data. 

With an HR software tailormade for the Healthcare Industry, you can easily manage your HR processes to focus on what really matters: securing better care. 

HR Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Time-tracking for the Healthcare Industry

Offer your employees flexibility with how they monitor their working hours, whether they're working on-site/off-site. 

Clock-in/out easily

In a matter of seconds your employees can clock-in or clock-out with different time tracking systems.

Access app with QR a code

Employees clock in/out by scanning a QR code from their mobile device.

Review timesheets and individual shifts

Track your employees' working hours daily, and approve or reject their timesheets.

Manage and organize your employees shifts

Assign shifts, plan and monitor worked hours.

Certify the hours worked by your employees with their signature

Download work schedules from all your employees and certify their worked hours with their digital signature.

Hours control from our mobile app

Allow your workers to manage their workday from our mobile app, with geolocation to know where are they clocking in from.

Greater transparency on the calendar

Filter by employee, team, location and office. Detection of conflicts betweet shifts and/or approved absences.

Configure time tracking permissions for time tracking

Assign custom permissions and setup time tracking and the clock in of your employees.

Document Management and Digital Signature

All of your company's documentation and employee files safely stored in your document manager.

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Payslips, Contracts, Sick Leaves

All personal documents of your employees.

Personal Files & Documents

All the personal information and documents of an employee.

HR Reports for Healthcare Companies

Factorial provides you with reports and analytics to help you make better decisions about your business and your workforce.  

Get insights with real-time reports 
Keep track of your shifts  
Provide better care to retain your employees 
Improve your performance

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Over 60,000 companies from different sectors have already used our human resources software.

Factorial helped us digitalize our HR processes to be more transparent with our employees.
Alberto De Prado Chief People Officer

An HR Software Tailormade for the Healthcare Industry

Factorial's features help Companies to better track their daily HR processes, save time and adapt to the changes of the Healthcare Industry. 

Here is what we can do for you:

Time-off and Time Tracking
Shift Management
HR Reports and Analytics
Document Management and Digital Signature
Expenses Management

HR as your ally towards growth

Improve hiring & onboarding efficiency, manage employee schedules without errors, gain visibility over your people analytics, build internal communications, and promote better WFH practices.

Grow your team more efficiently

Employee scheduling has never been easier

HR reports aren't meant to collect dust

Keep your team connected

Digital transformation as a driver for growth

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