Building & Leveraging for DEI: Employee Resource Groups

Ready to create and leverage Employee Resource Groups for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) success?

In today's ever-changing business landscape, the need for DEI success is more pressing than ever. But, it's important to recognize that achieving DEI isn't just about policies and slogans. It's about cultivating and harnessing the immense potential of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a driving force to foster inclusivity and reshape the way we think about DEI in the workplace.

Watch this webinar where the founder, DEI champion, and coach, Neyda Urias, uncovers actionable strategies and invaluable insights on how to supercharge your organization's DEI initiatives through the dynamic force of Employee Resource Groups.

Here's what we cover 🚀

ERG empowerment for workplace inclusivity
Fostering collaboration across ERGs
Evaluating and measuring ERG success
Leveraging ERGs for ongoing DEI progress
United States
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Neyda Urias, Founder, DEI Expert & Career Coach | Elevate Ur HR

Meet Neyda Urias, a dedicated HR partner with a mission to transform businesses through optimized people strategies. With over 14 years of dynamic HR experience and a SHRM-Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) designation, Neyda is committed to driving positive change and elevating organizations.

Her expertise spans crafting HR policies, streamlining recruitment, performance management, and fostering diversity and inclusion. Neyda is passionate about witnessing the impact of well-designed HR initiatives, driving team success, elevated engagement, and thriving businesses.

In a constantly changing world, Neyda's commitment to continuous learning ensures innovative solutions that keep businesses competitive in today's fast-paced environment.