Hiring strategies for startups in 2023

Are you part of the startup world or looking to join, but unsure how to find the right talent?

In the ever-evolving landscape of 2023, finding and retaining top-notch employees requires innovative approaches. Join us for this webinar on August 22nd at 10 am EDT to hear from Kevin Buckingham, COO of AUXO and discuss the latest insights and strategies that can give your startup a competitive edge in the hiring game.

Here's what we will cover 🚀

The current state of the hiring landscape
Recruiting strategies for startups
Streamline your recruitment process with technology
Emerging workforce trends shaping the future of hiring
United States
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Kevin Buckingham, COO | AUXO

Kevin, the Co-Founder (COO) of AUXO, plays a pivotal role in driving the boutique agency's mission to empower tech startups on their journey to success. Acknowledging the critical importance of every hire for these emerging companies, AUXO employs a personalized and hands-on approach to the recruitment process. With a strong commitment to both candidates and companies, Kevin goes above and beyond to cultivate meaningful connections and identify perfect matches. He takes great pride in AUXO's track record of assisting numerous startups in discovering the ideal talents to propel them forward, all guided by the unique and exceptional AUXO approach.