Mastering Time Off Management Software

Ready to simplify your time off approval process?

In this webinar, we learn from Sales and Enablement Trainer Luyane Matos on how to simplify and optimize your PTO approval process with our Time Off Management Software. Watch the recording to unlock the potential of streamlined time off approvals and maximize efficiency in your organization.

Here's what we cover 🚀

Step-by-step guidance on requesting different types of time off
Exploring the power of automated requests and seamless calendar tracking
Enhancing managerial oversight through simplified time off management
Leveraging reporting and analytics features for better decision-making
United States
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Time Off Made Simple

Effortlessly track employee time off with our vacation and PTO tracker. Simplify time management and stay organized with our reliable time off manager.

Evenly enforce unpaid and paid time off policies.
Designate a supervisor to respond to employee time off requests.
Establish your own time off policies through Factorial to stay compliant.
See vacation time accrued, used, and remaining.
Review all employees' previous and future time off and leave types.

Luyane Matos, Sales & Enablement Trainer | Factorial

Luyane is a graduate in Communication and Marketing and has been working in Sales for over 10 years. Recently, she obtained her certification in Coaching and mentoring, which has become an essential aspect of her main responsibilities at Factorial. Joining Factorial HR 10 months ago as a Sales Trainer for the US market, she has quickly taken on the role of Sales and CX Enablement.

Interestingly, she began her career in the HR department, spending 4 years as an HR Assistant with a focus on time tracking, PTO, and benefits. This diverse background has enriched her expertise and insights in her current role.