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Thanks to the mobile application, Factorial changes the way you approach your day-to-day HR functions by adjusting to your needs and keeping you up to date with the activity of your company.

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Request leaves, manage clock-in/out records, check who is out of the office, see who’s birthday or anniversary it is, and much more.

Mobile Application Time Tracking

Allow your employees to clock in/out from their mobile app.

  • Geolocation system. Track if your employees clock in/out from outside the office.
  • Clock in/out with a QR code through the entrance app.
  • Worked hours automatically sync with each employee’s portal.
  • Review all your employees’ timesheets and shifts from the web platform.
mobile app time tracking
manage employee time off

Request leaves and vacations

Asking for time off has never been so easy. Factorial’s mobile app allows you the opportunity to request time off of any type (ie. vacation, sick leave, etc.).

  • Enter your request in only a few clicks.
  • View available days and plan your absences and vacations accordingly.
  • Managers can approve and supervise absence requests from our web.

Team vacations and absences

With the human resources mobile app, view your team’s absences at a glance daily. Easily communicate and coordinate time-off with your colleagues.

  • View the current and upcoming absences of your colleagues.
  • Absences synchronize into the calendar in the web portal.
manage time off team calendar
events communications

Events and communications of your company

What better way to keep up to date with the different events and internal communications of your company than in the mobile app..

  1. View the events that are happening day-to-day
  2. Consult event details immediately as they become available