Skills Matrix Template

Download this skills matrix template to keep track of the progress and achievements of your team! With this template, you can see how team members have developed, assess their level of interest in learning particular skillsets, and compare learned competencies with overall objectives.

You can easily adapt and customize this downloadable excel template to fit your needs!

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Skills Matrix

What is a Skills Matrix?

A skills matrix, also known as a training matrix or a competency matrix, is a tool that is used to align employee trainings and competencies with company goals.  Using a skills matrix grid, HR professionals can easily see employee skill sets and interest in learning new skills.


Why Use a Skills Matrix Template?

The skills matrix helps HR professionals, managers, and employees alike to have a clear understanding of which skills are present and which are needed.

This, in turn, benefits everyone.  Here’s how: 

  • Recruiters and hiring managers know which potential candidates to consider for a position, based on their skill sets.
  • There is transparency between managers and employees regarding goals, career development, and planning.
  • Employees feel more directed and aware of their expectations.  This can increase productivity levels and efficiency.

How to Use a Skills Matrix Template

Using a skills matrix template is quite a straightforward process.  Here is a brief outline of how to make full use of an excel skills matrix template.

  • Before using a skills matrix template, decide which project, position, or team you would like to analyze.  The template is adaptable and can give you an overview of an individual’s or of a team’s skill set.
  • Once your target is clearly defined, it’s time to create a list of at least six skills/capabilities that need to be accounted for.
  • After the specific skills are identified, inset the information in the template. You are now ready to evaluate your team! Please note that you will need to assess both capabilities and interest levels.